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In order to support our mission of recruiting and training women to diversify elections in Missouri, Missouri M.A.D.E. has put together various resource guides to support this effort. Check out our Election Guide and Art of Social Change Guide below, and stay tuned for our campaign guides launching in 2021!

election guide 2020

Missouri M.A.D.E. put together an election guide to highlight the women running for office in Missouri in the 2020 general election.


Since 1980, voter turnout among women has surpassed that of men. In 2019, the number of women in Congress reached a record 131. While there are record numbers of women in Congress, they still make up less than 25% of its members.


Representation of people from different genders, races and sexual orientations is extremely important to the legislative process. Bringing these new perspectives to policymaking gives a voice to those who are too often left out of leadership spaces.

Missouri M.A.D.E. is a non-profit, non-partisan organization and did not endorse any candidates on this list. Rather, we wanted to increase exposure to underrepresented candidates. View our 2020 Election Guide by scrolling through the PDF.

art of social change guide

Mobilizing and diversifying elections requires more than just recruiting and training candidates to run for public office. Progress at high levels of government would be impossible without the work of grassroots community activists, such as artists.


Artists and creatives have historically been at the forefront of social change. Using artistic expression, authors, painters, performers, designers, and other folks have the capacity to shift cultural narratives and inspire action on a variety of social issues.


As Favianna Rodriguez (2013) highlighted, "You may attend a rally or vote, but you also read books, listen to music, engage with visual art, turn on the radio and create your identity through culture... To have the movements that make the wave, you need cultural workers."


The purpose of this resource guide is to 1) ground you in the history of art and social change in Missouri, 2) introduce you to artists and creatives in the region and 3) share opportunities for you to support and become involved in cultural work.

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