Running for Office Training Guides

Running for office might seem like a daunting task. That's why we've created free resource guides to help you feel more confident as you launch your campaign! From defining your mission to connecting with voters, our guides--featuring perspectives from women in office--will help you feel more confident as you prepare to serve your community.

Defining Your Mission

Defining your mission, vision and values will give a clear direction to your campaign and is an essential first step to establishing yourself as a candidate. Who are you? What do you stand for? These questions will help you define your mission. Explore who you are and the offices you want to run for with this guide.

Building Your Campaign Team

A strong campaign team is an integral part of any political operation. The people you surround yourself with can help your campaign to thrive or merely survive, and of course, we want your campaign to thrive! Learn more about what it takes to build a strong campaign team with this guide.

Voter Outreach

Connecting with voters is the lifeblood of running for public office. In order to effectively serve your constituents, you need to know their policy opinions, family needs and hopes for your community. This guide will help you create a plan for voter outreach, from phone banking resources to door-knocking.

Campaign Finance

Whether you're running for the school board or Congress, fundraising is an important piece of your campaign's operating puzzle. You need money to fund voter outreach, yard sign distribution and your campaign team's salaries. Learn more about effective fundraising strategies and best practices in this guide.